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Monday, August 29, 2011

Maybank Cahaya Kasih Sales Carnival

Assalamualaikum & Salam Ramadhan peeps!

Kindly be informed that y@ti's cLoset will be opening a booth on next Monday-Tuesday (8-9th August 2011, 12-2pm) at the Dataran Maybank (HQ office) in conjuction with its inaugural Maybank Group Cahaya Kasih Carnival. A portion of the profit from that day will be channel to one Rumah Anak Yatim (i will reconfirm on the name, lupa dah hehe) in Gombak. Let us together support the Group's initiative, shop for your lil ones and at the same time 'menderma' to the needy. May Allah bless us.


Last but not least, I would like to announce that starting from today until 29th August 2011, for every item purchase from y@ti's cLoset, your RM1 will be donated to Surau Taman Sutera, Kajang (a place where I live basically hehe). We're in the process of upgrading the surau to a Masjid and the community is doing their very best to collect funds and donation for this purpose. So this is the chance for you to shop, and at the same time increase your 'saham' towards the Hereafter. May Allah bless us always...insya Allah.

TQ for your continuous support yer!!


  1. wow yati, majunya dah buka booth! keep going dear! semoga niat murni berniaga sambil beramal mendapat redha olehNya

  2. sis.....u mean at Menara Maybank kan?..perhaps u wanna change fr Dataran Maybank to Menara Maybank Terrace instead to avoid confusion since Dataran Maybank refers to anor Maybank office at Dataran Maybank, Bangsar. oh...again "HAPPY BDAY!" Semoga hidup diberkati dan diberikan petunjuk & hidayah olehNYA. God bless! :) - Hana&Huzaifah